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SMILE CREATION with LIP Development


Photos courtesy of Facial

Dental Services:

  1. Veneers, crowns, inlays and fillings, implant restorations, bridgework and complete occlusal rehabilitation.
    1. Veneers are thin porcelain restorations that create the perfect smile for you in just a few visits. Crooked, spaced or dark teeth can be aligned and reshaped in beautiful lifelike porcelain to get the amazing smile you've always wanted.
    2. Crowns cover the whole tooth providing ideal aesthetics when veneers aren't suitable.

Bridgework replaces a missing tooth or teeth

  1. Implant crowns and bridges replace missing teeth to function and beautiful aesthetics.
  2. Inlays are porcelain or gold restorations. Fillings are created in tooth colors.
  3. Complete occlusal rehabilitation restores facial aesthetics and lost function using crowns, veneers, implant restorations addressing all of the teeth in both jaws.